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SmartSignal Monitoring Processes (OL)  

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Course Description

SmartSignal Model Design Processes provides an overview of the modeldesign processes. Students will learn the theory behind why SmartSignal models are designed they way they are.  After completion  students will be able to take their knowledge of equipment and apply it in models.Students will use a standard process to document tags, tag settings, models, calculated variables,  and failure modes.This course is a self study course.
This course is intended forEquipment SME’s and Model Builders as a pre-requisite for advanced training.
What topics will be covered  in this course?
  • Design inputs that aid in blueprints and models
  • Modeling is applied specifically for SmartSignal
  • Define the boundaries of the asset and models
  • Design for scalability, balanced action ability
  • Identify tag properties and importance rankingIdentify tag categorization and limits
  • Create calculated variable logic
  • Create fault fingerprint chartsUsing the templates to document the design