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SmartSignal Blueprint Introduction (OL)  

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Cost: $400.00 USD

Course Description

In Blueprint Introduction, learn about the different components that make up a Blueprint, including all the different tags types, models, modes, calculated variables, and diagnostics. Standard blueprints are used as specific examples to demonstrate blueprints. After completion, students will we able to, understand and perform common Blueprint Center activities and understand the relationship between asset blueprints, mode blueprints, and model blueprints. This is a self study course.
This course is intended for Implementation and Monitoring personnel interested in gaining an introductory level understanding of Blueprint Center.
What topics will be covered in this course?
  • Components of a blueprint
  • The different between an asset and model tag
  • Understand the different tag types
  • Interpret basic CVs
  • Rules and Diagnostics in Sentinel
  • Understand Chart Settings
  • Review Blueprint Specific Training