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APM End User Associate Certification  

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Cost: $200.00 USD

Course Description

APM End User Associate Certification


The Certified APM End User Associate is a part of the overall GE Digital Education Services Certification Framework. The End User Associate is the first of a tiered certification framework that takes a novice user and provides them a path to become certified experts in APM.

After achieving an Associate level certification, users will be able to pursue professional, role-based certifications. Based on the knowledge required for the Professional Level assessments, users can partake in suggested learning plans that will help prepare them for the certification exams.

By enrolling in this certification, you agree to the terms outlined in the GE Digital Certification Agreement.

Role Description

The Certified APM End User Associate exam is intended for an individual who often uses Predix APM (Cloud) and APM Classic on a limited or daily basis, does not require technical understanding of the APM Modules, but needs to know how to navigate the APM User Interface thoroughly as well as understand the general uses and benefits of the different APM Modules as it applies to their organization.

The candidate should have an engineering background or equivalent experience in their respective industry, must be comfortable using software and computers, and should have fundamental understanding of asset performance management concepts.

The APM End User Associate Certification is meant for a broad audience across different industries as an entry level certification, having end users demonstrate the basic competencies to perform tasks in Predix APM as well as APM Classic. Industry role definitions that fit into this certification scope can include Operators, Supervisors, Executives, and Technicians. These roles can also come from different APM areas within different industries as well, such as Maintenance Departments, Operations Departments, Reliability Departments, and/or Mechanical Integrity Departments.

The candidate should be able to:

  • Explain the core benefits of APM as it applies to their industry
  • Navigate the APM User Interface
  • View and interpret understand work history
  • View and explain Dashboard data
  • Run different Queries within APM
  • View and explain different Asset Health Indicators
  • View and create Rounds data
  • Navigate and engage technical documentation and support

Exam Topics & Objectives

APM Knowledge

Weighting 20%
  • Explain the key benefits APM provides to organizations
  • Explain the features and capabilities APM pillars and product version
  • Define the different industry use cases and benefits for APM

APM Foundation Tools

Weighting 40%
  • Build personal catalog folders within the catalog hierarchy
  • Search for records and refine results by adding field conditions
  • Create a static set of data by exporting query results to a dataset
  • Display summary information on a dashboard by adding dashboard widgets
  • Build and customize a visual display of data by leveraging query results
  • Retrieve detailed information from the database by designing queries using families, fields, and criteria
  • View formatted views of data by running stored reports


Weighting 30%
  • View, create, and manage records by utilizing Record Manager and the Record Hierarchy
  • Search for records by defining search terms and family filters
  • Locate useful product documentation by navigating the Application Help
  • Explore the tools, features, and modules of APM using the Top Navigation Bar and Navigation Menu


Weighting 10%
  • Evaluate risk by defining an Asset Criticality Analysis record and utilizing the Risk Matrix
  • Explain the use and application for Metrics and Scorecards

About the Exam

  • 60 Minutes
  • Proctored Exam
  • New Registration: USD $200
  • Retake Fee: USD $100
  • 60 Multiple Choice Questions
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