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4501 Policy Designer (OL)  

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Cost: $600.00 USD

Course Description

Navigate an existing policy to learn how it may be used to monitor equipment health. Learn suggested policy-building conventions. Build several branches of a policy which consists of various Input Nodes, Condition Nodes, and Calculation Nodes. Add a Policy Instance and validate the policy at several milestones. Navigate several policies to learn about nodes that offer advanced functionality, such as Collection Filter Nodes, Threshold Statistic Nodes, and Point Value Nodes. Copy an existing policy and enhance it by deleting some of its existing nodes and connections, and by adding Case Nodes to it.
This course is designed for Policy users and Administrators.
When you complete this course, you will be able to:
  • Summarize use cases for and benefits of Policy Designer.
  • Explain the Policy Designer module Overview Page and the Details page for a policy.
  • Describe the Design workspace and Model Canvas for Policy Designer.
  • List the five policy node types.
  • Explain Instances, Validation, Execution, and Security for policies.
  • Summarize the Policy Designer Workflow.
  • Create a new policy record.
  • Build a policy with multiple branches.
  • Explain the difference between a primary record and a primary node.
  • Designate a primary node.
  • Create a policy instance.
  • Validate a policy model using a policy instance and using ad hoc validation.
  • Configure a policy for execution.
  • Review the results of policy execution.
  • Identify performance issues in policy design.
  • Modify a policy model to address performance issues.
  • Enhance a policy model to handle multiple scenarios.
  • Enhance a policy model to provide context-sensitive results.
  • Discuss the basic principles of policy models.
  • Establish best practices for building policies and policy models.