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APM Practice Environment, v.  

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Cost: $600.00 USD

Course Description

APM Practice Environment—


A practice environment is a self-contained virtual machine that has everything needed to allow a user to practice and develop skills in a safe environment where no damage can be done to production systems. The practice environment contains the same database that is used for APM training, allowing users to practice labs and exercises after training. The environment can also be used to experiment and to develop new skills beyond what is covered in training. The environment has a simple, user friendly front end that allows users to essentially administer their own virtual machine. Users can “refresh” the database on the virtual machine with the click of a button. This removes any changes made to the database by the user, which allows the user to run the same exercises repeatedly. It also means that more than one person can use the same image to run the same exercises (only one person can access the image at any given time).


Any user or potential user of APM can use a practice environment to reinforce or learn new skills.


  • Fuel faster APM know-how, adoption and ROI
  • Keep APM knowledge and skills alive after training
  • Enable APM learners and users to continue to cycle through labs and activities to reinforce skills.
  • Provide a safe environment in which learners and users can experiment and develop new skills.
  • Allow users to demonstrate skills to peers and supervisors.
  • Reset the VM after every use as needed.

Delivery Format

  • Online