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4005 Metrics and Scorecards (OL)  

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Cost: $400.00 USD

Course Description

During this hands-on, half-day course, you will learn how to use the Metrics and Scorecards tool to develop and leverage Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) across your organization. You will use KPI tools to view the metrics that have been identified as the most important indicators of mission success and organizational performance over time.  You will learn scorecard functionality that allows you to report the status of your organization’s KPIs. Scorecards facilitate easy access to corporate and group KPIs, thus helping maintain focus on objectives. You will use Metrics tools to access and modify Metrics views including editing dimensions and using view filters. You will identify bad actors and other areas that require attention. You will then analyze performance and costs based on various criteria, such as location and manufacturer, as well
as, view results in tabular and graphical formats.
This class is designed for individuals who review KPIs and those that create and distribute reports pertaining to assets.
When you complete this course, you will be able to:
  • Interpret Scorecards and Key Performance Indicators
  • Utilize Metrics Views
  • Create Metric Views
  • Work in the Design View