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iFIX 2023 Basics, Self-directed 3: Database  

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Course Description


Welcome! This is the third course in the Basics series. In this iFIX 2023 Process Database orientated course, you will look at the various ways to manage tags in iFIX. This course works with analog, digital and secondary tags using Configuration Hub and Database Manager. Alarm shelving policies are configured. A quick picture uses these tags introducing HMI features. Rapid deployment of tags through auto-creation from IGS and OPC UA sources is achieved. Models are introduced followed by generation and deployment of a model and instance from an OPC UA source.

By the end of this course, you will be able to...

  • Understand Primary and Secondary Tags.
  • Understand Analog and Digital Tags.
  • Use Configuration Hub to manage Tags.
  • Use Database Manager to manage Tags.
  • Use and control the Tags created in a Quick HMI display.
  • Auto Create Tags from OPC UA and IGS.
  • Create a simple model.
  • Create a model template from an OPC UA source.
  • Deploy a model with all of its tags.

Level: Introductory

Course Time: 90 minutes

Activity Time: 60 minutes

Knowledge Checks: 1