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iFIX 2023 Basics, Self-directed 5: Historian Integration  

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Course Description


Welcome to the fifth course in the basics series. In this iFIX / Proficy Historian oriented course, you will look at how to integrate Proficy Historian and iFIX functionality.

By the end of this course, you will be able to...

  • Carry out iFIX Collector configuration.
  • Add tags from the iFIX Process Database to the iFIX data collector.
  • Perform initial checks on collected data and tune important collection parameters.
  • Understand the variety of Proficy Historian retrieval modes.
  • Populate Workspace HMI charts with historical data.
  • Configure HMI animations with historical data sources.
  • Manipulate time in a historical HMI using the Global Time Control.

Level: Introductory

Course Time: 80 minutes

Activity Time: 80 minutes

Knowledge Checks: 1