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iFIX 2023 Basics, Self-directed 5: Historian Integration  

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Course Description

Welcome to iFIX, a proven HMI/SCADA software solution.

In this iFIX / Proficy Historian oriented course, you will look at how to integrate Proficy Historian and iFIX functionality.


This is the fifth course in the Basics series.


By the end of this course, you will be able to:


  • Carry out iFIX Collector configuration
  • Add tags from the iFIX Process Database to the iFIX Data Collector
  • Perform initial checks on collected data and tune important collection parameters
  • Understand the variety of Proficy Historian Retrieval Modes
  • Populate Workspace HMI Charts with Historical Data
  • Configure HMI animations with Historical Data sources
  • Manipulate time in a Historical HMI using the Global Time Control

Level: Introductory

Course Time: 80 minutes

Activity Time: 80 minutes

Knowledge Checks: 1