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iFIX VBA Self-directed 1: VBA Fundamentals  

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Cost: $500.00 USD

Course Description


Welcome to this self-directed VBA course. Proficy iFIX uses Microsoft VBA to augment its HMI interface and execute schedules. In this fundamentals course we will introduce the purely Microsoft VBA components, which can be used within Proficy iFIX Workspace and iFIX Schedules. This is the first course in the iFIX VBA series covering only the Microsoft orientated topics, but must be completed in order to start the Proficy iFIX VBA orientated second course.


By the end of this course, you will be familiarized with the following topics:

  • Microsoft VBA Introduction, orientation, the Editor and its tools
  • Microsoft VBA procedures and methods
  • Code location
  • Invoking code
  • Using variables
  • Editing and debugging tools
  • Decision coding
  • Expressions
  • Functions
  • Errors and error handlers
  • Message box
  • Input box
  • VBA forms
  • Looping VBA code
  • VBA arrays
  • Accessing relational databases
  • APIs and DLLs
  • Using VBA automations


NOTE: There are five required course completion knowledge checks within this course. One quiz per each lesson (VBA Into, VBA Basics, VBA Tools, VBA Interactions and  VBA Advanced Topics).

Level: Introductory

Course Time: 30 minutes

Activity Time: 4 to 6 hours

Knowledge Checks: 5