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4506 Rounds Designer Classic (OL)  

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Cost: $400.00 USD

Course Description

Basic | 2 Hours | Course | Self-Paced | APM Health | APM Classic V4.X

The Rounds Designer module enables route designers to organize and sequence measurement and lubrication points, which define the location, data collection, and maintenance action requirements for assets along a route for users of the Rounds Data Collection module to complete. Additional templating and scheduling capabilities enable route designers to build and schedule routes leveraging standard maintenance and data collection protocols.

In this 2-hour interactive course, you will gain the necessary knowledge and skills to build routes and templates to carry out these tasks with the goal of mitigating known risks to your assets.

Keywords: Allowable Values, Measurement Location, ML, MLT, Checkpoints, Sequencing, Lubrication Requirements
Applicable Roles: Maintenance Planner, Operator, Reliability Engineer - Asset Health