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APM Reliability – Research Learning Track: 4107 Root Cause Analysis


Location :  Distance Learning (GE Digital - China time)

Start Date
End DateStatus
Distance Learning (GE Digital - China time)07-Dec-202208-Dec-2022

Location :  Distance Learning (GE Digital - Eastern time)

Start Date
End DateStatus
Distance Learning (GE Digital - Eastern time)03-May-202204-May-2022
Distance Learning (GE Digital - Eastern time)13-Sep-202214-Sep-2022

Location :  Distance Learning (GE Digital - UAE time)

Start Date
End DateStatus
Distance Learning (GE Digital - UAE time)07-Jun-202208-Jun-2022
Distance Learning (GE Digital - UAE time)01-Nov-202202-Nov-2022

Location :  Wait List

Start Date
End DateStatus
Wait List11-Dec-202511-Dec-2025

Course Description

4107 Root Cause Analysis using PROACT


In this highly interactive, one-day course, you will learn the necessary skills needed to identify the root causes of failure by using the Root Cause Analysis PROACT® tools. During the course, you will create a Root Cause Analysis by building a logic tree to define and analyze the possible causes of failure.

You will query analysis information, generating reports and graphs. You will learn how to complete the root cause analysis, document the findings, and link external files such as photographs and drawings to the analysis, as well as summarize and communicate the findings and recommended solutions to decision makers.


This class is designed for:

  • Reliability engineers
  • Maintenance engineers & personnel
  • Those responsible for determining the root cause of an asset failure

When you complete this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the PROACT® Methodology
  • Build an RCA team
  • Preserve Failure Data
  • Construct an event diagram and a logic tree
  • Add and verify hypotheses
  • Document outcomes
  • Communicate root cause analysis findings
  • Track and re-evaluate results


  • 8 hours

Delivery Format

  • Instructor-led Classroom
  • Virtual Classroom
  • Onsite