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APM Safety Learning Track: 4404 APM Calibration Management - Analyst


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Course Description

4404 Calibration Management - Analyst


Calibration Management – Analyst teaches the Calibration analyst the fundamentals to setup and use GE’s APM Calibration Management system. You will learn how to setup strategies and templates to build the calibration profiles used to manage calibration instructions for your calibrated equipment. You will learn how to setup and manage calibration scheduling, and how to manage the status of your calibration results. Using calibration graphs and recommendations as tools to improve your systems will also be covered.


This course is designed for users of calibration, particularly those who will be setting it up and managing the calibration results. This includes calibration analysts, instrumentation engineers, calibration planners and reviewers. The prerequisite, Calibration Management – Technician, teaches how to use the program for day to day activities and provides the context for the configuration processes taught in this course.

When you complete this course, you will be able to:

  • Overview of calibration management
  • Terms and Acronyms
  • Calibration workflow
  • Calibration configuration
  • Building calibration instruction templates
  • Building and managing calibration schedules
  • Creating calibration testing result events
  • Using calibration graphs
  • Using the recommendation system with calibration test results


  • 4 hours

Delivery Format

  • Instructor-led Classroom
  • Virtual Classroom
  • Onsite