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APM Safety Learning Track: 4402 Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) Management (DL)


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Course Description


Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) Management

During this hands-on, one-day course, you will learn the functionality of Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) Management.

SIS Management is a software solution that addresses the requirements as defined by IEC Functional Safety standards, using a standardized workflow with integration to an overall Asset Performance Management solution.

You will use the SIS Management module to conduct Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Analyses, which assess the integrity of existing Safety Instrumented Systems and may identify areas that may require further safeguarding. An SIL Analysis allows you to assign a numeric Safety Integrity Level (SIL) to a Safety Instrumented Function, which represents its integrity of operation based on how much risk it is required to mitigate.

Key Session Topics

  • Introduction to SIS Management

  • Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Analysis

  • Protective Instrument Loops

  • SIS Proof Tests

  • SIS Management Standard Practice Workflow

  • Performing an SIL Analysis