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SmartSignal Intermediate: 50200 SmartSignal Model Maintenance Training (DL)


Location :  Wait List – You will be notified when a new class is scheduled

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Wait List – You will be notified when a new class is scheduled 24-Dec-202524-Dec-2025

Course Description

Notice: This Open Enrollment course is no longer on a regular schedule.  Please see the corresponding distance learning and online training classes and register for those if appropriate.  As another option, a dedicated onsite training can be scheduled.  If Open Enrollment is the only option you are interested in, please register for the waitlist.  If there is a class scheduled in the future, you will be notified.

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SmartSignal Intermediate Training Course provides more advanced instruction including tasks such as performing complex model maintenance, optimizing model performance, verifying system health and data feed connectivity, making minor blueprint changes. This course is for personnel who have completed the Basic course and have some experience with the software in monitoring and model maintenance. For $500 Package Savings: Put both Basics and Intermediate into your cart; For $500 Package Savings: Put both Intermediate and Advanced into your cart; For $1000 Package Savings: Put Basics, Intermediate and Advanced into your cart. *** We will credit your package order when payment details are returned.

Who should attend?

Personnel with some experience using SmartSignal software to perform routine monitoring and basic asset maintenance tasks and who are ready to understand and perform more advanced tasks and concepts in Sentinel, Asset Center, and Blueprint Center.

Are there any prerequisites?

Basic SmartSignal Training.
Each student must bring their laptop/PC loaded with Windows 7 & Firefox/Chrome browser.

Course Objectives:

Blueprint Introduction

Understand the concepts of how Blueprints work. Learn how to modify existing blueprints, such as adding tags, setting up tag attributes, changing calculated variables, and making simple changes to rules and diagnostics. Theoretical concepts will be addressed, such as achieving optimal monitoring results through model design. Learn various design considerations, including: instrumentation availability, tag grouping and correlation, operating modes, alarms, and calculated variables. This course will benefit anyone working with the SmartSignal Solution to better understand the basis for model designs, thereby improving their ability to analyze and prioritize advisories.

Monitoring and Maintenance Processes

Learn key information on evaluating system health and assessing datafeed status. Differentiate between actionable items, which provide early warning of equipment failure; and un-actionable items, such as changes in equipment operating states. Discuss how to prioritize, evaluate, and take action on advisories. Other topics include complex Asset Maintenance activities, email subscriptions, details of modeling and estimate generation, dataviews, and custom charting. Processes and best practices will be discussed. If available, your company?s own assets can be used for hands-on exercises with instructor guidance. Sentinel, Asset Center, Core Center, and other applications may be used.