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APM Reliability - Instructor-Led Training: 5091 Cloud APM Reliability Plus Basics


Location :  Distance Learning (GE Vernova - Pacific time)

Start Date
End DateStatus
Distance Learning (GE Vernova - Pacific time)06-Aug-202409-Aug-2024
Distance Learning (GE Vernova - Pacific time)02-Dec-202405-Dec-2024

Location :  Distance Learning (GE Vernova - UAE time)

Start Date
End DateStatus
Distance Learning (GE Vernova - UAE time)03-Sep-202406-Sep-2024

Location :  Wait List

Start Date
End DateStatus
Wait List23-Jan-203024-Jan-2030

Course Description

Cloud APM Reliability Plus Basics


In this course, you will learn about the workflow of monitoring critical assets using Cloud APM Reliability Plus – SmartSignal as practiced by GE Digital Industrial Managed Service- IMS. The course explains why alerts are generated, how to read asset tag parameter charts and when to create a case. The course focuses on the analytic instance maintenance tasks you need to understand and perform to minimize false positive alerts while making sure that no equipment developing failures are missed.

Who should take this course?

This course is intended for monitoring engineers and other personnel interested in gaining an understanding of using Cloud APM to monitor critical assets.



  • 5090 Getting Started with Cloud APM Reliability Monitoring
  • 5054 Predictive Analytics – SmartSignal Modeling

When you complete this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the Cloud APM asset monitoring process, tools, and workflows.
  • Characterize and prioritize alerts.
  • Perform proper actions in reaction to alerts in different situations.
  • View, claim and disposition alerts.
  • Create and manage cases.
  • Recognize different patterns of tag parameters behavior.
  • Understand tag types supported by SmartSignal.
  • Know when to perform analytic instance maintenance.
  • Practice performing analytic instance maintenance tasks including
  • Changing thresholds
  • Modifying tag statuses
  • Adapting training data actions
  • Filtering data
  • Excluding data
  • Including data into the reference data set and rebuilding models
  • Configuring operating modes
  • Understand the impact of analytic instance maintenance on output tags.
  • Become familiar with other actions you can perform in the SmartSignal Maintenance app.
  • Monitor analytic instances health and connectivity using the SmartSignal Deployments app.

Product Version

  • V5


  • 16 hours

Delivery Format

  • Instructor-led Classroom
  • Virtual Classroom
  • Onsite