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SmartSignal Advanced: 50300 SmartSignal Advanced Training


Location :  Distance Learning (GE Digital - Pacific time)

Start Date
End DateStatus
Distance Learning (GE Digital - Pacific time)11-Jul-202314-Jul-2023
Distance Learning (GE Digital - Pacific time)05-Sep-202308-Sep-2023

Location :  Wait List

Start Date
End DateStatus
Wait List23-Dec-202523-Dec-2025

Course Description

SmartSignal Advanced Training


SmartSignal Advanced Training provides advanced instruction on more complex tasks than Intermediate Training. This fourday course dives into the concept of blueprints in detail, including how to build blueprints, the theory behind blueprints, and how to write calculated values, rules, and diagnostics. Once you create a blueprint, you will then build your assets out in Asset Center.


This course is intended for anyone that is seeking an advanced understanding of SmartSignal.



  • SmartSignal Standard Training
  • SmartSignal Model Maintenance Training

When you complete this course, you will be able to:

  • SmartSignal Model Building Configuration
  • SmartSignal Blueprint Diagnostics
  • SmartSignal Asset Building

Course Length

  • 5 Days

Additional Online Courses

  • OL-11265 SmartSignal Admin Training Bundle
  • OL-50006 APM Implementation Project
  • Management Practicum
  • OL-11266 SmartSignal CRE Practicum