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SmartSignal Advanced: 50300 SmartSignal Advanced Training (DL)


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Course Description


SmartSignal Advanced Training provides advanced instruction on more complex tasks than Intermediate Training. This course will include discussion of tasks including building new assets, modifies and creating blueprints. 

Who should attend?

Personnel with experience in SmartSignal monitoring and asset maintenance, and who are familiar with basic Blueprint revision and who are ready to begin building Assets from existing Blueprints and building new Blueprints.

Are there any prerequisites?

SmartSignal Intermediate Training.
Each student must bring their laptop/PC loaded with Windows 7 & Firefox/Chrome browser.

Course Objectives:

Blueprint Advanced Training

Learn how to create new blueprints, change model configuration, and write new calculated variables, rules and complex diagnostics. A portion of the Blueprint Training course will discuss the concepts of designing blueprints to best utilize Proficy SmartSignal. Learn how to document key aspects of the equipment and system regarding model scoping, fault criteria, diagnostic logic, and priority escalation. Bring tag lists, fault cases, P&IDs, diagrams, control system screenshots, diagnostic logic, and any other pertinent so you can build a new blueprint in class. Previous model maintenance experience preferred, but not required.


Model Building Configuration 

Lean how to build a blueprint in Blueprint Center and discuss advanced modeling topics and theories. Build a blueprint with models and external tags, create a new asset, and configure model and tag settings in Blueprint Center.  

Asset Building Training

Learn the process of gathering necessary inputs, tag mapping, adding assets, and asset testing. Learn how to perform attribute synchronization, unit conversions, and to set auto-adaptation values. Utilize advanced concepts to configure assets, thereby improve model quality and increase the percentage of actionable alerts. Concepts such as model quality, tag selection, optimizing data filtering, VSG, and bad data?s effect on modelling, will be discussed. QC processes, Connection Center, and Transfer Center will also be covered, as appropriate. Previous model maintenance experience preferred, but not required.