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SmartSignal Advanced: 50300 SmartSignal Advanced Training


Location :  Distance Learning (GE Vernova - Pacific time)

Start Date
End DateStatus
Distance Learning (GE Vernova - Pacific time)23-Sep-202426-Sep-2024

Location :  Wait List

Start Date
End DateStatus
Wait List23-Dec-203023-Dec-2030

Course Description

SmartSignal Advanced Training


This course dives into concept of blueprints in detail, including how to build and modify blueprints, the theory behind blueprints, and how to write calculated values, rules, and diagnostics. The course also covers building a new asset from an existing blueprint; including mapping tags, configuring and training data, creating a data connection, and finally, activating and testing the asset.


This course is intended for Predictive Analytics Engineers who need to create/modify SmartSignal Blueprints and gain in-depth understanding of SmartSignal claculations, Rules and Diagnostic Rules.



  • Course #50200 SmartSignal Model Maintenance Training
  • Course # 11263 SmartSignal Model Design Processes (OL)
  • Course # 11264 SmartSignal Tag Mapping Concepts (OL)

Course Length

  • 2 Days On-Site
  • 4 * 4hrs - Distance Learning Sessions